Thursday, July 14, 2005

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Top Knot Table

Our topknot table is almost ready to be offered up for sale. After hours of cleaning, sanding and varnishing, it now stands out among our other unfinished roots. Next week the tempered glass round should be here and the picture will be for the next installment.

The lakes here continue to be very high as we've had an unseasonably wet month of June. We are looking forward to them dropping some so we have access to more treasures washing ashore.

For those of you fellow Canajuns out there....Happy Canada Day!!! For the rest of our global friends....Happy whatever you celebrate in your country!! Most of all Happy Love of Life as you live it to its fullest!!

Till the next installment of the saga of the topknot table.....keep well and happy.
Barb and Dave

Polished up and waiting for its glass top. Posted by Picasa

Our topknot table base. Posted by Picasa