Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Driftwood For Tables

Three new pieces came from Lois Lake today. #3 on the far left has a hollow in the front that lends itself to lighting or a plant. It is 41" tall, 30" wide and 15" deep.

#2 piece below would have part of it cut off to allow it to sit flush against a wall. It is 27" high, 41" wide and 17" deep.

#2 piece to the left showing its front.

#1 stands on edge but could be stood on its trunk to accomodate glass. It is 31" high, 31" wide and 16" deep.

All pieces could be cleaned up with just the roughness taken off and without a finish or they could be sanded and polished with oil. Your choice.

#1 is 31" high, 31" wide and 16" deep. It stands nicely on its side but with leveling could stand on its trunk with glass on top.