Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ideas as Plentiful as the sands of the sea

Our minds are filled with ideas as plentiful as the sands of the sea. Now if only there was as much time, money and energy to make them all happen. The garden and our little trailer park yard keeps Dave occupied and inspires new things to tackle. The peas and beans are up several inches requiring putting up netting.

Then it meant he had to put up ladders over the back fence and straddle his way over it to cut the weeds and grass invading our garden from the other side.It keeps him young!

Never one to just let one thing keep him going, he also has plans for fixing up the rest of the yard and just built a little shed for him to work in. The driftwood is decoratively arranged along the side giving rise to a comment that the tide sure was high....tough trick when you live up on the hill.

When he's not in the garden, or working on driftwood, he's creating more lovely beaded jewelry to sell(and for me to proudly wear).

When I talk to older people that are still healthy and happy I notice that they are very active. They are involved in the community, in their yards and anything else they can squeeze in. If it takes staying involved and active in order to live out our elderly years then that's what we'll be doing.

Hopefully you'll find us at 90 still working on driftwood, or creating some new dream.Life is to be danced with, to suck the juices out of it, to skid into the last stop having used it all up in glorious abandon!!!

Keep them ideas a coming!!

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