Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mammoth Table

Our "Curly Burl" table sold the first time we took it to a fair. After sitting on our display table all day, it found new owners as we were packing up. A lady came up, talked to us about it, went away to think about it and came back one minute later having fallen in love with it. So another picture in the album has "gone to a good home" written across it.

Even as I put the stickers on the pictures they brought back memories as to where we were when each one sold. Our driftwood has sold all across Canada and back. Guess you could say that little bits of Powell River are gracing homes everywhere.

Now we have a whole collection of new pieces to work on from little burls, to knotted Arbutus branches, to roots and this mammoth piece Dave hauled off the beach across from our cabin. You can see how big it is standing in front of Dave. He literally lifted it end over end down the beach to sit across the bow of our 12' boat. Then had to strong arm it up over the boulders on our beach and up the bank to the cabin....and he wonders why his back is sore?

We will put 2 small root systems under it so it lays flat as a table, plane the top , clean it up and oil it to create another work of art.This one will take much longer to complete. Presently he is working on a smaller piece to sit on a table top with a glass bowl on it....will post a picture of it when its done.

And so the pleasure of finding these treasures continues, along with the fun and work of producing incredible pieces of useful art forms.

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This stuff might be cool to sell at our store...

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