Monday, September 26, 2005

Petal Power and Mammoths

The creation of new tables goes on with the latest one being "It's A Dog's Life." With ideas running out what to call each one, Dave looked at one of the arms on this one and saw the dogs face so here it is. A simple, but beautiful piece that holds a bowl with shell candles in it. ...cost $220.

The Mammoth Table sold to a lady who fell in love with it in its unfinished state. Here 's Dave working on it at our fall fair as the Mammoth beauty continues its journey to completion.

Another spectacular piece looks like petals of wood that rival the beauty of the flower petals displayed with it. As it sits unfinished "Petal Power" would sell for $40, finished $80.

As our supply of driftwood for tables dwindles, we'll be making another trip to the lakes to salvage yet more treasures.Each time we find a piece that inspires us because of what it represents or has the potential to be a work of art, we are like kids in a candy store...excited and thrilled.


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