Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Triplet of Tables

Here on the west coast of BC, fall signals more time indoors to work on crafts. When he's not creating new beaded jewelry designs in front of a football or hockey game, Dave is creating new driftwood tables. The Mammoth table you saw in the rough is finished and gone to a good home. These shots show both its length and the heavy twisted wood that makes its head.

Since then he's finished a plant holder and a small end table shown here.Working with what nature has created means that Dave's driftwood art is one of a kind. From the moment we discover it on a beach and see its potential through the long and time consuming process of bringing it to its full beauty, there is anticipation of what the next creation reveals.

As I work on this post he is sequestered in the porch cleaning up a large Arbutus branch system(about 6ft.with arms reaching out about 4ft) that is covered in lumps and bumps. When it's sprayed black with gold flecks and mounted on a sturdy burl, it will be a unique West Coast Christmas tree.

This one never drops it needles and can be stored outdoors the rest of the year. Watch for the final picture of this extravagant imaginative "tree."

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