Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dave polishes up a sign post

Just like the caption says with the picture "A man and his wood will not be parted" Dave was enjoying polishing this post. This sign post isn't even driftwood...Oh horrors ..says Barb, but Dave likes its personality anyway. It's a 7 ft.cedar branch with an arm that appears to have what I would call warts all the way up it, giving it character. the gent lost in the wonderful world of wood!

With the gales behind us Dave celebrates a warm summer day by working on his wood.
Sign posts, blogger posts, all shared with our global community.

1 comment:

Andreas of Scarborough said...

Barb and Dave,

These specimens are fantastic!

You have such a wonderful opportunity to spread this Canadian driftwood around the globe that I can't rave enough about it! Congratulations!

Kindest regards,