Monday, May 09, 2005

Spring has Sprung with Driftwood!

Spring has really sprung with driftwood as plentiful as the dandelions! There are now 4 driftwood junkies in our family all squeezed into a Hyundai Elantra. You guessed it,Elantra's weren't designed to haul driftwood of any size and yet that is what we ask of it everytime we "just" go up the lake to check things out.

This past Saturday was that kind of a day. It looked like the little car would be safe that trip because the lake was so high all the wood was floating off shore...WRONG! Hooked on driftwood,meant getting more creative to fish, hook,plead and risk swimming for the elusive wooden creatures tempting us. By the time we'd been there very long, the trunk was over flowing with wood. By the time we'd had a weinnie roast, there were 2 fire smoked pieces inside the car too. Me thinks we need a bigger vehicle!

All that work paid off in some of the most artistic sculptures we've found in a long while. They will make beautiful garden pieces. One of them resembles a seal complete with eye and nose and now resides in our front yard.

Yes spring has sprung and so have the springs on the poor little car!
Creatively yours,

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