Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Naturally Sculpted Wood Art

Ever get tired of looking at a sunset? Or the first blooms in spring? Well, that's how we are with driftwood. Each piece is uniquely sculpted by nature. Each piece has its own story to tell, no two are alike, just as each person who looks at the driftwood sees something different.

This giant Dave is standing beside is on the shores of Powell Lake, a man made lake about 30 miles long. In 1909 with a working capital of $1 million, the Powell River Paper Company planned a huge undertaking of damning up what was then the shortest river in the world to produce a hydro-electric generation system to supply their mill. That began the construction of the 25,000 HP dam across the river and the two machine paper mill. Many disasters and hair pulling events later, the first rolls of paper came off #1 machine April 12,1912. That fledgling company went on to be the biggest pulp and paper producer in the world with 9 machines. Today we are about back to the beginning with only 3 machines, yet a thriving town, the "Pearl of the Sunshine Coast."

All that history lesson to tell you that roots like what Dave is standing beside were once all under fresh water for over 70-80 years before they shook themselves free and popped to the surface for artists like us to find.

Hope this gave you a little better understanding of where some of our wood comes from.
Barb and Dave

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